LIBARTY is a trademark of Abarentha, Inc. It is derived from the phrase: 'LIfe Begins At forTY'

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Libarty Group is an executive search firm which serves Client companies in the Packaging finding qualified individuals for salaried positions at all levels, in all functions.

Libarty LINKS provides critical expertise to the Packaging Industry through focused interim assignments. Contracted LINKS associates bring targeted know-how to Client companies by satisfying pressing short-term needs at all levels, in all functions.

LiNeX is a registry of skilled trades people who may be qualified for specialized non-exempt (i.e. hourly) positions in the packaging industry.

Libarty LINE is a newsletter for the packaging industry, published quarterly. Among other things, it includes:

Proven Performers.....a compilation of talented individuals in the packaging industry. Each person offers a history of proven performance in his/her area of expertise, and may be open to making a change, or may consider a short-term assignment as a LINKS associate.

Career Opportunities... a partial list of positions for which Libarty Group is presently seeking qualified individuals for client companies.


Interim Opportunities... a sample listing of short-term assignments with Client companies as a LINKS associate.

PO Box 7163, Maryville TN 37802
(865) 984-9040

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